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The salt therapy uses the antibacterial, antiphlogistic, absorbing and mucolytic properties of the salt.

Солна стая в Минерална баня Банкя

Salt room

The effect on the respiratory system and immunity is achieved via inhaling dry salt aerosol with specific parameters in the salt room that is built exclusively for this purpose.

The salt particles enter the respiratory system and stick onto the mucosa, dehydrate and alter the viscosity of any layered secretion, activate their removal, stop the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, induce cleansing effect.

Солна стая - Минерална баня Банкя

As a result, the respiratory system is prepared to cope with incoming bacteria and viruses- the local immunity is increased and complications are prevented.

When in touch with the skin, the salt particles activate regenerative processes, stop irritation and bacteria growth, balance pH levels and have healthy and rejuvenating effects.

- It is mandatory entering with shoe covering and without coats - the room temperatures is 20-22°С.

- It is recommended wearing light clothes - dark ones will show fine salt particles.

- Turn off or mute your phones while in the salt room.

- Avoid using strong perfume or deodorants aromas before entering the salt room.

- After the treatment, we ask you to clean the salt accumulated on you before leaving the wellness area!

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