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This is the first building for healthcare through water in the country equipped with the most modern technical facilities for its time.

With its distinctive architecture, the building is the most characteristic asset of the resort and the image of Bankya is forever related to it. For its time it was unique in beauty and facilities in the whole country and one of the few such baths in Europe.

History of

Централна Баня Банкя - история

The Mineral Bath of Bankya is the place where visitors, including royalty, left revived by the gracious contact with the healing water.

The Public Bath of Bankya was designed by the Bavarian architect professor Karl Hoheder, a leading specialist in the design of public SPAs throughout Europe and under the precise guidance of the architect Neno Neshev and the entrepreneurs Savovi brothers from Sofia and Nikola Rangelov from Bankya.


The construction of the Royal Bath began with financing of 1 million gold leva in 1907.


It was officially opened on 24 May 1911.


The restoration of the Royal Bath began in 2018.


It was opened in October 2022. A few days later it won the Grand Prize in the Bulgarian Architecture Awards 2022 competition.

Карл Хохедер - ръководител на строежа на Банята в Банкя

For its time, the bath was a real architectural gem - a lobby with dimensions of 11 by 11 meters with a beautiful vault, two vast waiting rooms, rooms for physiotherapy, a doctor's office, pools - 6.30 by 6.30 m wide.

Each compartment had 10 baths, two of them for the royal family. The materials for the interior, including glass bricks were shipped specifically for the bath from Belgium, France and Vienna. All the basins, curns and baths were lined with Italian marble and mosaic. Cabinets, doors and floors are of Slavonian oak.

824,222 gold leva were spent on the construction.

Централна Баня - Банкя - детайли
Царската баня - фоайе

The Bath in Bankya is built in the Western European context of spa traditions and aristocratic real cultural estates. In our country, the building is a cultural monument.

Mineral properties of the water

Минерална вода - свойства

The air and the water also have... a rejuvenating effect.

  • Fluor /F/
  • Sulfat /SO4/
  • Hydrogenecarbonate
  • H2SiO3
  • Natrium + kalium
  • Calcium /Ca/
  • Magnesium /Mg/
  • 0,42 mg/l
  • 37,0 mg/l
  • 115,7 mg/l
  • 34,1 mg/l
  • 65,2 mg/l
  • 8,6 mg/l
  • 1,5 mg/l

*Chemical properties of the water

The chemical properties of the mineral water in Bankya make it a natural treasure. It is clear, colourless, scentless, soft and extremely delicious.

Its effects are restorative, painkilling, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, trophic, anti-spastic and osmotic.

Illnesses related to metabolism, gastrointestinal tract, supporting motor apparatus, endocrinological are influenced well by the water.
Physical and mental fatigue also.

In addition to the internal application with medical purposes, the mineral water is used in spa treatments that have a very good effect for the human health.


Every visitor

has to bear in mind one’s medical condition. Do not use the services of Thermal and Wellness zones if You have problems with Your health. If necessary consult with Your doctor.

If there is an incident,

injury or breaking of the rules, You have to call 112 and to inform the employees at the reception and lifeguard post.

The recommended stay in the pools

is up to 2 hours.

If a visitor has a negative impact

on the prestige of the Bath with one’s behavior, does not follow the rules, then the staff has the right to decline one’s access and to ask him/her to leave the premises of the Bath without having to give further explanation and to cancel one’s membership.

The Bath is not accountable

for the personal belongings of visitors. All forgotten and found belongings are kept for up to 14 days.


is required prior to using a service.

The Bath keeps its right

to change its working hours in case of cleaning, maintenance, decoration, staff teaching or any other objective reasons.

The stay in the pools

must be while using proper swimming suit.

It is obligatory to follow the instructions

of the lifeguards on duty. People who do not follow the instructions of the lifeguards will be asked to leave the Bath without further explanation.

A child up to 14 y.o

is allowed only with a supervisor above 18 y.o. if it wants to use a pool – one has to be within arm’s reach of its supervisor.

An adult

can be responsible for up to two children.

Entering with food,

beverages and glass objects is forbidden.

People that have used alcohol

or drugs are not allowed in the Bath.


is not allowed in the premises of the Bath.

People with skin deceases

and open wounds are not allowed to use the services of the Bath.

It is obligatory

to take a shower with soap before entering the pools.

The littering of the water

in the pools is prohibited.

Moving around the Wellness and the Thermal zones

is allowed only while having slippers on the feet.

Jumping, pushing and throwing

of visitors in the pools are prohibited, as well as any actions that endanger the personal safety and the safety of other visitors.

Membership cards

are personal and cannot be given to other people.

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